Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature CenterWhat's Inside

Ozark Plateaus, Ouachita Mountains and Arkansas River Valley

On your way to the main exhibit area, you’ll walk between rock outcroppings. They represent the Ozark Plateaus and the Ouachita Mountains. Interactive displays teach about how the mountains and valley were formed.

Arkansas River Aquarium

A huge aquarium between the “mountains” contains fish and turtles from the Arkansas River. Models of fish and an information-filled display let guests try their hand at catching fish replicas and learning about the variety of fish swimming in our waters.

The Oak Forest

An enormous oak tree spreads its branches in the main exhibit area. Models of forest animals surround the woodland giant. Interactive displays let visitors press buttons and move levers to learn about different animals in the oak forest. The main exhibit floor also features live animals for guests to view.

The Life of Birds

Watch a video showing how birds fly, listen to their songs and learn how birds use their feet and beaks to eat. Smaller guests can even climb into a giant nest to get a young bird’s perspective.

Keep a sharp eye out for scissor-tailed flycatchers near the nature center during summer. It is the bird on the nature center’s logo and a popular temporary resident in the valley.

Rat snakeWildlife Watching Area

Large windows in this area offer a close-up view of native birds and wildlife. An artificial stream and feeders attract a wide variety of animals for visitors to enjoy from the comfort of the center.

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